Meet Jon Arnott

Simply put, he helps people do more, faster, with less.

Jon has over 14 years of experience working in the Architectural profession as an experienced internal management consultant and change management specialist.

Having worked at several notable national and international practices, he joined the renowned international practice, Broadway Malyan in August 2016 to implement operational improvement programmes that up-skill staff, deliver greater efficiency, reduce risk, increase quality and develop their overall client experience to ensure that they remain relevant in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace.

He has over a decade of experience under his belt of working as a registered Chartered Architect, which he is still registered as, before I stepping over the fence to a business management role. Giving him first-hand practical knowledge and understanding of how modern working methodology’s and processes implemented in global business and through the life cycle of building projects can deliver real benefits for architecture, engineering and construction companies, their extended supply chain, and clients worldwide. 

Jon is an in-demand public speaker, panelist and author, having presented at a number of key industry events, podcasts, shows and publications.

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